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Is this in Your Business Plan?

It's a new year;

it's a fresh start. ☀️⠀

New goals & a new outlook.

Possibly even a new business plan.⠀⠀

When reviewing your business are these five items a part of your business plan? ✍️

1. Your vision for your business. What does the future of your real estate business look like? Are you planning on expanding, hiring, or investing yourself? This vision should be in your business plan. What does it look like three to five years from now?

2. What's your mission and your unique value proposition? How do you serve your clients differently than any other agent?

3. Your target audience. Do you understand who your ideal client is and what they're looking for? By defining this, it will help you tailor your lead generation, conversations, and marketing.

4. A social media strategy. It's 2022 and a social media strategy is vital to your business. Do you have one in place? What content will you start curating? How will you reach your target audience? How will you brand your business?

5. Your path to profit. How will you systemize your activities? What is your plan for your profit margins? How will you track your numbers?

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